Performance University was one for my first opportunities while freelancing. After agreeing to timeline and payment, the client let me have full creative control for branding his business. Handling the creative direction was an incredible experience that I enjoyed every second of.


 The client wanted to have a name and a brand that portrayed his vision of an athletic training facility that goes about developing their athletes with a higher level of understanding and through the guidance of proven professionalism in the craft. All similar traits one would find at an educational university.



A serif font was used to help capture the traditional American college feel within the brand. The depiction helps guide viewers to the understanding that the brand is all about a higher level of education and performance in a constructive environment.


Red and blue were selected due to their impactful relationship with one another. Both being primary colors played a significant role in being selected. During the ideation process it was discovered that the word primary came from the Latin word primus, which means first. It was agreed upon that colors associated with the word first were fitting for a business that revolves around athletic training and improving performance.


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