thesis exhibition

The second semester of my senior thesis class involved creating an exhibition to correlate with my book. I took the results from my research and communicated the findings in a visual and impactful way. I ended up going in the direction of designing a 3D installation that involved viewer interaction, which allowed the people to become a part of the exhibit themselves.


I designed the art piece utilizing the concept of forced perspective in mind. The technique involves optical illusion that manipulates the viewer's visual perception through object scaling and visual angles. For my design, I challenge viewers to find the specific viewing point on all four sides to see the photographs. The concept behind this was that in order to fully understand something, one has to sometimes actively change their view and perspective to grasp the whole picture.



The four sides represented four of the different languages presented in the book. The models in the photos are looking in a particular direction as in response to the question, "If you could stare into the future, what direction would be tomorrow?"  As viewers moved to different sides of the design, they could actively see one photo disappearing while another simultaneously formed. The gap areas between the different sides were meant to be a visual representation of language barriers, showing that the disconnect between languages can cause miscommunication and representation in an auditory or visual platform.


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