For a packaging class, I was tasked with designing my own brand and to successfully package it. I developed Ox Horn, a merlot wine. I created my persona based off the actor Nick Offerman. My target consumer were forward thinking males who like to get straight to the point and that enjoy a glass of wine with a delicious steak.

For the stand, I laser cut a pattern into a single piece of wood. This made the wood flexible and bend around the bottle, creating a unique and aesthetic display. Afterwards, I cut out two triangles with a 45ยบ angle and adhered everything to a base for stability. I finished the stand by staining the wood in a cherry walnut color to play off the color of merlot wines.

As an extension, I decided to make a 100 year anniversary package and bottle. For the bottle, I made a limited edition version, where the brand identity was laser etched into it. I kept the original pattern For the box and logo design to create unity and brand recognition.